Smart social distancing

Return to work with confidence

Smart Social Distancing powered by Cumulocity IoT

Using wearables for worker safety

Worker safety is now about more than protective equipment and workplace conditions. It‘s now also about personal proximity and contact traceability.

As the world returns to work following the COVID-19 pandemic, it isn’t the end of social distancing. It is just the beginning of a prolonged “new normal.” Businesses will have to be flexible and constantly vigilant to ensure worker and customer well-being, business resilience and regulatory compliance.

IoT is here to help.

Smart Social Distancing, powered by Cumulocity IoT – uses wearables and the IoT to help discreetly alert coworkers when they get too close and to anonymously create a contact history – using proximity data, not location – in case of infection.

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’’…thanks to the Smart Social Distancing solution, the safety of
our workers is guaranteed…’’

Get started in a snap

Easy onboarding

Easy onboarding

Get your employees back to work safely as soon as they walk through the door.

Just give them a pre-configured Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled smart tag and ask them to wear it. The system will handle the rest.

Give your workers
peace of mind

Social distancing on-site

Social distancing on-site

We are social creatures, so social distancing can be hard and take time to become our default. As employers, you can build in ways to alert, remind and adapt behavior to increase safety – and peace of mind.

Haptic alerts through a smart tag help provide a reminder to maintain distance, and details of interactions are securely stored for contact tracing to help quarantine incidents as needed.

Secured access to the right data,
for the right person

Privacy-controlled contact tracing

Privacy-controlled contact tracing

Monitoring is important, but can’t come at the expense of privacy and personal data.

A privacy-protected ID associated with a smart tag is separated from personal data. The data can be viewed only on an as-needed basis, with separate views that allow workers to track their own safety; worker health and safety representatives to provide contact tracing for workers with symptoms; and employers to track how effective their guidelines are.

The end result is contact tracing that keeps your employees safe, while still maintaining their trust.

Smarter than smartphones

Privacy-Controlled Contact Tracing

Why a mobile app
just won’t cut it

While contact smartphone-based mobile apps can help with contact tracing, they are limiting as an enterprise solution.

  • Employees don’t always have their phones with them
  • BLE features may not operate when phones aren’t unlocked
  • Not all employees will want to activate the app + Bluetooth.

A wearable solution circumvents all of these issues.

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Why you should care

  • Productivity

    Get back to business while creating an auditable record for regulatory conformance

  • Worker safety

    Put your employees’ health and safety first while the world is still fighting the pandemic

  • Brand impact

    Do what’s right for your brand by instilling confidence in the safety of products and services

Use in any controlled workspace

  • Manufacturing
    and construction

    Employees on the manufacturing floor and construction sites have enough to think about without constantly trying to keep their distance from colleagues. The smart tags can automate social distancing and alert them when they are too close to a colleague for too long – so they can keep their mind on the important (and sometimes dangerous) work they are doing.

  • Retail
    and distribution

    Associates in retail and distribution sectors are critical to ensure ongoing operations and fulfillment of customer requirements. With smart tags, they will be able to work productively to deliver against customer promises – while being notified when they are getting too close.

  • Laboratory
    and scientific

    The laboratory requires exact measurements and particular processes. Anything that takes away focus can lead to wasted time and resources. Smart Social Distancing can free lab workers’ minds of proximity to colleagues so they can stay focused on what’s under the microscope.

  • Offices

    Allow your staff to enjoy conversations in the break room without worrying about social distancing compliance. With smart tags, they will be able to work together and collaborate – while being notified when they are getting too close.

Extendible to monitoring
at a distance

Compliance detection at entrance

Compliance detection
at entrance

From the very first entry, you can detect potential issues that may have an impact on your employees and customers.

With high-accuracy temperature detection, you can identify people whose body temperatures are unexpectedly high. Need to make facemasks a requirement to adhere to local guidelines?

You can detect and flag potential issues. Keep track of the flow of traffic from when they first step into your workspace.

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